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Twitch Emote Sizes

Emotes are simple images that express, well.., an emotion. Therefore you shouldn't try to squish a lot of information in a single image. It won't even work properly, as Twitch allows only predefined image sizes.

When uploading an emote to Twitch, you have to send it in 3 different files in different sizes. Those sizes are: 112px, 56px and 28px. Images should be squared and the maximum file size allowed is 25kb for static emotes and 1mb for animated emotes.

Important Guidelines

Emotes usually represent a face, a drawing of the streamer, or a funny animal. Those types of images work particularly well with a transparent background. That's why the only file extension allowed for static emotes is PNG, which is compatible with this characteristic.

For animated emotes, there is a slight difference. The file type should be GIF and the animation should have 60 frames or less. If you're creating an emote for the BetterTTV extension , you don't have that frame limitation.

The feature is available to all streamers that reached at least affiliate status, as a subscribe button is a requirement for having channel emotes. All subscribers to a given channel get access to all emotes of its respective sub tier (being divided in tier 1, 2 and 3).

It is also important to be aware of Twitch's terms of service. A good way to start is by avoiding copyrighted, violent, sexual, illegal and hateful content. Nudity is also not allowed, not even in a cartoon. Editing an existing Twitch emote is prohibited as well unless it is Kappa or VoHiYo.

We strongly recommend you to check the full emote guidelines. Although there is an approval process for emotes, it is not uncommon for streamers to get emotes that have been approved and in use for a while removed.

How to upload your new emotes to Twitch?

The first step is to log in to the Twitch channel and reach for the menu in the top right corner. Then select the option Creator Dashboard.

In the Creator Dashboard, find the side menu on the left and select Preferences. Depending on your streamer contract there will be the option Affiliate or Partner. Click it.

Now there will be some sections available. Under Subscriptions we can find the Emotes sections we're looking for. If there are available emote slots, the Upload Emotes section will be ready!

How to use the Streamfrogs Emote Resizer?

The first step is uploading the emotes you have saved in your computer. You can do that by dragging and dropping the file or by clicking and selecting the image in the file explorer.

The best practise is to upload an emote in 112px x 112px dimensions. By doing this, there will be less quality loss in the resizing process.

Only PNG, JPEG and GIF files with a maximum size of 2MB are allowed in the Resizer, but beware that files this big probably won't result in good quality emotes. This happens because there is no way of lowering an image's width and height without lowering its quality.

Non-square images will be resized to a square dimension, as Twitch requires.

After the upload, there will be 3 files ready for download!

Hope you like our free tool and if you have any suggestions, please mail us at!