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Subscriber Badge Sizes

Twitch requires 3 different files for each badge you want to upload. Those sizes are: 72px, 36px and 18px. Images should be squared and the maximum file size allowed is 25kb.

What are Badges?

If you go to a top Twitch streamer's chat, you'll notice a lot of people with little images on the left side of their name. Those are badges and can represent that person is one of the following:

  • Moderator of the channel or the broadcaster itself.
  • VIP to that channel.
  • Another streamer that is a Twitch partner.
  • Twitch staff.
  • Subscriber to a Twitch related service, like Twitch Prime or Turbo.
  • Attendee of an event, physical or online. Like TwitchCon or GlitchCon.
  • Subscriber to that channel.
  • First supporters of that channel.
  • Bits or Sub Gifter.
  • Participant in a Channel Point Betting Event.

To check the meaning of the badge, just hover over it on Twitch chat.

Subscriber or Loyalty badges are the main ones a streamer can customize in their channel. To do so, they must be at least a Twitch affiliate.

Why customize subscriber badges?

When someone subscribes to a Twitch channel, they want to support the streamer and be part of that community. A great way of improving that sense of community is to have custom badges exclusive to that channel. The best sub badges are related to the channel branding or the streamer's content.

When choosing the badges, it is important to remember that Twitch allows for streamers to upload multiple badges and make them change progressively when a milestone is reached (1st month, 3rd month, 6th month, etc). That means that older subscribers will have more advanced badges and feel rewarded for the time spent supporting the channel.

Important Guidelines

Badges should have transparent backgrounds, which work better when they're displayed in chat. That's why they should be created and uploaded in PNG file extension. That's also the only extension allowed in our Badge Resizer.

When creating anything for a channel, it is important to be aware of Twitch's terms of service. Mainly the following type of content should be avoided: copyrighted, violent, sexual, illegal, drug-related, hateful, single letters and nudity.

Use your best judgement but remember to check the full subscriber badge guidelines when in doubt. Twitch will review your badges and take action in case they disrespect any policy.

How to upload your new badges to Twitch?

Start by reaching out for the menu in the top right corner of Twitch. Then select the option Creator Dashboard.

Now find the side menu on the left and select Preferences. Select the option Affiliate or Partner, depending on your streamer contract.

Now there will be some sections available. Under Subscriptions you'll find the Loyalty Badges. Select the type of badge and you'll be ready to upload it.

How to use the Streamfrogs Badge Resizer?

The first step is uploading the loyalty badges you have saved in your computer. You can do that by dragging and dropping the file or by clicking and selecting the image in the file explorer. Upload one badge at a time.

The best practise is to upload a badge in 72px x 72px dimensions. By doing this, there will be less quality loss in the resizing process.

Only PNG and JPEG files with a maximum size of 2MB are allowed in the Resizer, but beware that files this big probably won't result in good quality badges. This happens because there is no way of lowering an image's width and height without lowering its quality.

Keep in mind that non-square badges will be made square before resizing. This is required by Twitch.

After the upload, there will be 3 files ready for download!

Hope you enjoy this tool and if you have any suggestions, feel free to mail us at!