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Twitch Channel Points: 50 Awesome Reward Ideas for 2022

Twitch channel points are a great way of making your channel unique and more engaging. Today we're gonna take a look at some of the best channel points ideas we've found on Twitch and how streamers are using them to reward viewers and make their show more entertaining.

But first...

What Exactly Are Twitch Channel Points?

Channel points is a loyalty system created by Twitch at the end of 2019 and has been broadly adopted by broadcasters across the platform.

This system is currently available for all affiliates and partners that have the system enabled. To check on that and also customize your points and rewards, go to Creator Dashboard, then Community and then to the Channel Points section.

Twitch offers some default rewards that can have their cost customized by the streamers, such as: unlocking a random or specific tier 1 emotes for 24 hours, modifying emotes, highlighting a message and sending messages in sub-only mode.

Open image
This is the default Twitch channel points panel
"I highlight every message because I’m just that jacked."

Points can be obtained by viewers from watching, following or participating in raids. They even get bonuses for watching multiple broadcasts of the same streamer in a row.

Viewers can also participate in Twitch Predictions using points. That is a special feature that can offer a lot of entertainment value for streamers. We prepared a special post talking about it here.

Before Setting Up Your Rewards

Before setting up any reward, you have to think what its cost will be in points. If you make it too cheap, your stream might be taken over by redemptions. If you make it too expensive, no one will ever request it and the whole point of the feature is missed.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the points can be renamed to something related to your channel. By doing this you make it more of a community experience. Some of the best custom names we found were related to the streamer’s quirks or to the channel's mascot. We encourage you to go creative, but if you can't think of anything right now, make it simple and name it "Streamer Name/Nickname points".

Another way to personalize your points is by creating icons for them. If you don't feel like customizing this part right now, you can always use some of your channel's emotes or Twitch channel points icons .

Best Ideas For Channel Points Rewards

We scooped through Twitch in the search of the best and most engaging channel points rewards we could find. Then, we came up with this list.

Most of the fun rewards are meant to be done in a short amount of time, so the viewer can see the result of the request right away. This makes it easier for the streamer as well, as the reward queue won't keep increasing.

It's always good to remember that most of the ideas will only be as engaging as you make them to be.

Copying rewards ideas from this list is a good start, but don't forget to use it as inspiration and come up with your own rewards that are unique to your community.

We'll quit stalling now and leave you to our best channel points ideas:

  1. Choose your character: This works well for streamers that play games with a lot of characters. Allowing a viewer to choose your next League of Legends champion or Apex hero can really spice up the gameplay.
  2. Choose who to host or raid: Good at the end of streams when you should choose someone cool to host.
  3. Customize character or a game element: Allow viewers to choose a character/weapon skin to use in the next match or to decide a new character look in a RPG.
  4. Enable Emote Only chat for a couple of minutes: Watch out! This one can be really funny or can become a nightmare.
  5. A viewer can 1v1 you in a game: Works well for games with quick matches, like Rocket League, Tetris or TypeRacer. You can also separate a time on the stream for this kind of request, so it doesn’t take your stream over.
  6. Streamer will judge character: It could be a character build or appearance. Also works for judging decks in card games.
  7. Make you squat or do a push-up/pull up: Good way to stop having excuses for not exercising. Your viewers will love to see you struggle to get it done.
  8. Pet your pet, or give him a treat: Wholesome reward, everyone loves pets. This also helps to make your pet the official channel mascot.
  9. Posture check: If the streamer usually sits in a weird way, this item can be redeemed as a reminder to sit straight.
  10. Do nothing: For the meme, or for the viewers to flex on how much channel points they have.
  11. Daily tax: Another meme one for your viewers to waste points and have fun. Different from the one above, this one should be cheap so it can be done daily.
  12. Unachievable reward: Make it absurdly expensive and create a crazy reward. Some fun ones we've seen: "become the streamer", "end the stream right now" and "streamer sell his car". Watch out, with the addition of channel points wagers, lucky viewers started accumulating more and more points.
  13. Become a VIP: Viewer becomes a VIP for an amount of time.
  14. Get a free sub: When people redeem this reward, you gift them a subscription to your channel.
  15. Viewers choose a word for you to say: It only makes sense if you have a funny accent or aren't native to the language you stream on.
  16. Add a viewer to your friends list: It doesn’t hurt to reinforce to them that they shouldn’t spam you with direct messages.
  17. Viewers choose a song for you to dance on stream: This is a pretty cool one depending on the vibe of your stream.
  18. Make the streamer drink water: Good way of staying hydrated!
  19. Answer a question from the viewer: Make it a must answer question to be even funnier.
  20. Changing something in your room: Like color of lights, positions of decoration, etc.
  21. Change the background of your green screen: This is just one idea, if you use a green screen, there are a lot of things you can do with it related to channel points.
  22. Viewers choose a city for you to check: People always love to see their hometown being talked about. You can also make a weather report for the city, or just check the main local news for the day.
  23. Streamer will check out a Twitch channel: You can watch another streamer for a little while. Depending on your size vs the other channel size, you could even mini-raid it.
  24. Streamer will check out a Show or Anime: Good to engage with viewers about their tastes.
  25. Streamer checks a game on Steam: This one is specially good for variety streamers, where viewers tend to always recommend games to be played.
  26. Streamer will follow viewer on Twitter: Also works for other social media. It can be a temporary follow.
  27. Streamer will give access to exclusive Social Media: Good for streamers with exclusive Snapchat, Instagram Close Friends or WhatsApp group.
  28. Streamer will gift a big amount of subs to viewers: You can even create more than one of this reward, increasing the cost but also increasing the amount of subs.
  29. 24-hour stream: If you enjoy doing 24-hour streams, you can add this reward. Of course it should be very expensive.
  30. Ban another viewer for a couple of minutes: You can make different costs for banning subs, non-subs and even huge costs for banning a moderator.
  31. Self sacrifice for someone getting banned: A viewer redeeming this one would get banned instead of the viewer that was targeted by the reward above.
  32. Ban yourself for a couple of minutes: Another one for the memes. You’d get surprised how much fun people have doing this.
  33. Viewer gets discount coupon: Good for marketing your merch store while making a viewer happy!
  34. 20 minutes of no swearing: Also works with other habits you might have. To increase the stakes, you could gift a sub if you fail.
  35. Viewers choose a BTTV/FFZ/7TV emote to be added: We know it is a third party thing… but emote extensions are awesome tools. Letting viewers choose some of the emotes can really add to the stream experience.
  36. Viewers choose a BTTV/FFZ/7TV emote to be removed: If viewers can add emotes, they should also be able to remove emotes. This can start funny disputes in chat.
  37. Mediashare a video: Make it a short video only, so it can add to your content without taking over the stream.
  38. Do something embarrassing in public: It can be a shout, a weird dance or just dabbing. This item applies mostly to IRL streamers.
  39. Open an in-game box or pack: This one applies to games like CS:GO, FIFA and cardgames where you can open itens that give you another item. Viewers tend to like these opening sections.
  40. Open an IRL box or pack: Same as last item, but for IRL itens. Like cardgame packs and mystery boxes.
  41. Viewer get an in-game item: Depending on the games played on stream, this item could be a character skin, a weapon skin, a piece of equipment, etc
  42. Spin a prize wheel: Create a prize wheel (there are a lot of online websites for that), add a lot of small prizes to it, add one or two big prizes. If you want to spice things up, add some punishments too. When this item is redeemed, the viewer get a shot at the wheel.
  43. Create a prediction: Viewer can suggest a channel point prediction to be made on stream.
  44. Create a poll: Viewer can suggest a Twitch poll to be made on stream.
  45. Sell channel points for other points: If you use another loyalty points system you can allow viewers to exchange Twitch channel points for them.
  46. Play a sound on stream: This can make your stream engaging as viewers wait for the right moment to play a sound to scare you or to make chat laugh.
  47. Allow a viewer to send a TTS message: Just like with donations, but using channel points.
  48. Make the streamer transform into a character for a few minutes: Very particular to some channels. We’ve seen male streamers dress up as girls, swag versions of the streamer and even the streamer wearing an outfit from the early days of his channel.
  49. Apply a voice changer effect to the streamer microphone: For a brief period, your voice will be changed. Can be really funny when trying to explain something or in a critical moment in a game.
  50. Apply a custom effect to the streamer camera: Just like with the microphone, this can really add to the engagement of your shows.

Hopefully this list could give you some insights. Don't forget that the most important thing is to try some rewards and see how your community reacts. You could even ask for opinions directly on stream!